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Best Plumbing in the Youngstown, Ohio Area


What makes Bernat Plumbing different?

Mostly it’s the attitude we bring to this business. Plumbing should be need-based, not greed-based. We don’t charge outrageous prices. Our goal is not to become rich.

We like people and we like plumbing. This is what drives Bernat Plumbing. We install only professional, quality equipment that will last so it won’t become a major problem after the installation. Only the wealthy can afford to buy cheap stuff (they can afford to keep replacing it).

We purchase from Wolverine Brass a company located right here in the United States. They sell quality fixtures that will be a unique addition to your home. This equipment cannot be bought at big box stores.

Also, when you order service from  Bernat Plumbing, a phone call gets you 24-hour emergency service; thirty years of experience; insured residential plumbing installations and repairs; reasonable costs; and, of course, quality products!

Welcome to Bernat Plumbing!

Hello and welcome! Bernat Plumbing has been doing plumbing installations and plumbing repairs in the Youngstown area for over 30 years. Our tag line, “For all your plumbing needs,” means everything you can think of.. We will also tell you if  your problem is beyond our capabilities. We won’t try to convince you we can do something we can’t.

Call us and describe your trouble. We’ll take a look and if it’s something we can’t handle, we’ll steer you in the right direction and give you an idea as to what it should cost to take care of it. We would much rather do that then scam our way through and do a substandard job. That’s not how we roll.

Thanks again for visiting. Take a look around. Check out the Q & A page, where we answer some questions about common plumbing problems. If you have a problem that’s not addressed there, visit our Contact Us page and drop us a line. Include your question in the Comments box and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Oh, and check back often: soon, we’ll have a “Video Tips” page. In the videos we’ll walk you through some easy repairs you can do yourself! Thanks again for stopping by!

Simple schematic of a  typical bathroom plumbing system