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Best Plumbing in the Youngstown, Ohio Area


You told me more in five minutes than anyone ever has since we started experiencing this plumbing problem two years ago.

Gene Springer, Austintown, Ohio

He uses a common sense approach to plumbing and saved me hundreds of dollars. I’ve called him many times on the phone and he was able to troubleshoot it without even seeing it.

Kathy Gbur, Austintown, Ohio

Dave does plumbing procedures so quickly and professionally I hate to even try to do myself although I’m sure I could try. I know that if I get myself into trouble he’s there with all the tools and experience to get me working again.

Dennis Tyler Ellwood City, Pa

Dave came to my house and replaced two commodes that I was always having trouble with. He did it quickly and efficiently and didn’t leave a mess. He even took the old commodes with him. The new toilets use a lot less water and work great. I can finally give the plunger a rest!

Christine George, Boardman, Ohio

I had Dave replace a commode for me in my home. When he was done he said he didn’t like the way the new commode was flushing. He came back the next day and said he wanted to snake the main line because he felt something was blocking it. To my surprise, he pulled out heaps of roots on the snake he used to run thru the drain. He also told me to use a root killer costing around twenty dollars per year so that the problem would be less likely to occur in the future. He explained once the roots are in the system they stay there. You've got to keep killing them back or they’ll take over the plumbing main. The alternative is thousands of dollars to rip up the old drain line or have it relined.

Randall Wellington, former Mahoning County Sheriff