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There’s a faucet in my house that drips occasionally but not all the time. What do you think?

In Mahoning County the water department increased the water pressure. Some areas are getting a water psi reading of over 75 and in excess of 100. You need a pressure reducing valve to correct this problem along with problems you may experience in the future with other water fixtures.

Should I put chemical cleaners in the toilet tank to sanitize?

I like to tell my customers you can put any chemical cleaner you want in the bowl but leave the tank alone. The tank houses all your rubber washers and seals and the chemicals will destroy the seal they are there to provide.

I’m tired of plunging my toilet. Any idea what might be wrong?

Toilets today have a notoriously small trap way. Units such as the American Standard Champion have a two-inch trap way making the possibility of clogging almost nonexistent. If your mainline is clogged however, you need the line snaked; the biggest trap on any commode is not going to help.

It takes forever for me to get hot water to my kitchen sink what can we do?

You can purchase a device that re-circulates hot water. These units come with a timer that allows you to run it all the time or just when you want or need instant hot water.

My toilet is driving me crazy. It turns itself off and on several times throughout the night.

Try the dye test. You either put food coloring or those small blue dye pills that the hardware stores sell and test the commode. Place the dye in the tank and wait approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Do not flush. If you have the dye color in the bowl after the time period, you’ve got a problem. There’s a leak present between the tank and the bowl and it needs to be addressed. Also you will get a siphoning problem if the flush valve top is higher than the top of your water valve. You need to cut the overflow valve down so this siphoning doesn’t take place.

What do you think of the tankless water heaters?

I think they’re great in other areas of the country but don’t seem to work well in ours. We have a high lime content in our water and this keeps gumming the filters up in these units. But if you are handy and can take them apart and clean them, go ahead and get one. Keep in mind you can usually purchase 2 or 3 regular water heaters for what it costs for a single tankless unit.

The door of my water heater gets real hot when its burning, and it keeps shutting itself off.

It's probably oxygen starved and not exchanging outside combustible air well. You may have to pull the burner area out and clean all the dust from the underside of the unit that’s clogging the air flow. It will also cause the unit to prematurely shut down and you'll be waking up to a cold shower instead of what you were hoping for. Some of these units are placed in small closets with little or no air to exchange. Water heaters can not operate like they should without proper air flow.

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